Create Your Own Work

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22-23 March 2019, London

Join us to gain the skills and confidence to set your career onto a fulfilling and successful path.

This popular workshop returns to you AFRESH and combines two days: day 1 is an opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to create your own work. day 2 offers a focus on setting a private practice.


Drawing on fifteen years’ experience of successfully creating work for ourselves, including running a voluntary organisation together and Dance Movement Psychotherapy work, we will be looking at:

    • Creative visioning and action planning
    • Practical steps for creating work
    • Setting up as a business/Social Enterprise
    • Applying for funding
    • How to market your project

This will be an enjoyable, experiential and practical day, where you will explore ways of using your artistic and therapeutic skills to design and deliver exciting and creative projects.

The workshop will be of interest to Arts Therapists, Creative Arts Practitioners and any practitioner interested in working creatively to bring a project to life.

Date: 22 March 2019
Times: 10.30am-5pm
Cost: to be announced soon**
Location: London, more detail soon

Nearest transport: tbc

DAY 2: STEPPING INTO PRIVATE PRACTICE Heart of Movement Studio.jpg

This workshop will address the practical steps to becoming a private practitioner and the implications of being self-employed, with particular reference to running a private practice in which you are dealing directly with the client. It will cover:

    • Practical aspects of setting up private work
    • Professional and financial responsibilities
    • Risk and safety issues when working privately
    • Contracting with clients

We will also consider some other issues that are specific to the business of body-oriented, movement-based psychotherapy (including dance movement psychotherapy and dramatherapy). There will be the opportunity to explore personal strengths and areas for development in relation to working privately with clients.

The workshop is available for qualified therapists with full professional UK membership.

The weekend is facilitated by Céline Butté & Tasha Colbert  both RDMP, UKCP, ADMP UK recognised Private Practitioners and Supervisors

Date: 23 March 2019
Times: 10.30am-4pm
Cost: to be announced soon**
Location: London

Nearest transport: tbc

** book both workshops at the reduced rate. Details soon

For further details please contact Céline.