Into the Heart of Movement Workshops

Explore your own way of moving and being.

Develop your movement practice.

A time-space to dance your dance…

Into the Heart of Movement workshops have developed over the years. Each follows deeper underlying seasonal themes.

Into the Heart of Movement workshops offer a space for you to bring a personal, professional or artistic project, whether defined or still unclear.

No previous experience of movement or dance is necessary for Entering the World, In-Tension and The Intuitive Body.

The Unveiled Body is for those who have attended at least one other Into the Heart of Movement workshops or carried out some other in-depth work with me.

Book one day or a whole series.


Entering the World

30 June 2023

NEW offering for people who have recently gone through significant life changes.

I gave birth twice and each time I feel that I had to die to myself to be born anew. Not so much as baby was born, but as I settled into life in its new configuration. Not the ‘free independent woman anymore’ but now attached to a vulnerable dependant being for a while.

Some say that during transition in labour, the point when baby is about to make its appearance, the woman has to go to the stars and back. Maybe that is what going to the stars and back is: a form of death and rebirth?

Change, whether beautiful or challenging or a mixture of both, involves loss, letting go and letting be. We have to yield to not knowing who we are and be present to what is in order to feel truly alive again. This demands discipline and involves many feelings, including emotions that are not easy to admit and that are uncomfortable to be with.

Entering the World is a workshop that offers opportunities to consider what being born to yourself again means in the context of the changes you have experienced, so that you can enter the world feeling settled within.

Through movement based work indoors and outdoors, you will un-cover what we might call a new skin; one that you can enter the world with, leading you to see more clearly and welcome who you are now.

Entering the World is informed by Somatic Body Mapping and Move into Life, two forms of movement practice and inquiry that hold the body sacred and contained me through significant changes recently. That is why I like the idea of going to the stars and back: the work we will do during Entering the World will hold your soul in mind and body. Together we will create some breathing, moving and mindful space for you to land more fully into yourself so as to bring clarity to what makes you You, now.

Entering the World is for anyone who has gone through significant changes, may it be the loss of a loved one, dealing with the impact of an illness, a move to a new country or giving birth and who would like to find the firm ground beneath their feet again; a ground that they can recognise and trust going forward.

Two offerings coming up:

Entering the World. An Impermanent Outline. 24 March 2023 | 10am-2pm | Studio @39, South Croydon | £65 | perfect if you are looking for a taster of this work.

Entering the World. An Impermanent Outline. 30 June  2023 | 12-4pm | Studio @39, South Croydon | £65 | perfect if you are looking for a taster of this work.

Entering the World. An Impermanent Outline. 7 July 2023 | 12-4pm | Studio @39, South Croydon | £65 | this event is specifically for practitioners returning to practice after a significant break.

Entering the World | Full Somatic Body Map online | 12, 19, 26 September and 3 October 2023 | 12-3pm | + 2 individual zoom calls | £275 | small group of 3 | Delve deeper into significant changes in your life and take stock with what makes you You today through this series of events.

SUMMER. The Unveiled Body

June 2024

This event is inspired by a piece of work published in Body and Awareness, edited by Sandra Reeve. It is an invitation to consolidate and build on some work we will have done together before.

A more open ended workshop during which we will attend further to a personal, professional or artistic intension.

DateJune 2024
LocationSouth Croydon
Full Price£95
Early bird (by 17 May)£85

AUTUMN. In-Tension

October 2024

Making sense of tension, creatively.

Bring a professional or personal curiosity and listen, tune in to your senses, feelings, and physical expression.

During this workshop we will pay mindful attention to our internal experiences of tension and release, and of the journey between the two. 

During this workshop, the body, dance, movement and pauses will play a key role in the creative exploration, as well as the use of space and interactions with our environment. There will be opportunities to be immersed in the inquiry, and opportunities to observe.

The intention is for the workshop to culminate in a short performative sharing within the group.

DateOctober 2024
LocationSouth Croydon
Full Price£95
Early bird (by 15 Sept)£85

SPRING. The Intuitive Body

March 2024

When I choose to move; when I stop moving, is this because of something that is happening outside of me or because of something happening within me?

For a day we will work and play with this question in order to recognise patterns and preferences. More aware, we will then compose together, weaving the familiar with the new and thus expand our creative expression.

This workshop will set you in motion and will offer opportunities to express yourself from your intuitive self. Deep down, we know what to do, when to do it, when to step into action, when to stop. So this is what we will do: we will play with action and non action, with stillness and movement. We will investigate our choices, from a mindful and embodied place; we will move and observe, see and be seen, talk and listen, feel and sense, so as to deepen our connectedness to the avenues that inform our knowing.

DateMarch 2024
LocationSouth Croydon
Full Price£95
Early bird (by 18 Feb)£85

Céline’s workshop was the perfect creative exploration around the theme of ‘tension’ allowing plenty of room to interpret the theme as you wish, but with enough structure to feel guided and totally supported. Beyond her obvious knowledge and affinity for this work, Céline’s strength is that she holds such a sensitive, encouraging space for you to explore ideas in movement and find new expression. I am fairly near the beginning of my movement journey in many regards, and have had uncomfortable experiences in the past, but I felt completely at ease with Céline and the atmosphere and energy she created in this workshop. I left the workshop feeling both calm and energised: that special sweet-spot reserved for when you have stepped a little outside your comfort zone and discovered new insight as a result.

— RA, Eco Practitioner

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