Celine Butte Psychotherapy

Heart of Movement brings together creative, sensorimotor and cognitive approaches to psychotherapy. Sessions are provided by Céline Butté who creates a space where participants get to know themselves, appreciate their abilities and gain insight and resources that enhance their personal life.

You may want to access psychotherapy following a significant change in your personal or professional circumstances such as loss of employment, divorce, separation, or bereavement. This way of working may also benefit those affected by grief, trauma, chronic illness, unexplained and chronic pain, anxiety, depression or other personal issues.

In a session all body experiences including aches, pains and physical limitations are taken seriously. The relationship with the therapist is fundamental in this work, allowing you to feel safe. Beyond this, there is an infinite possibility of ways the sessions can develop as there is no right or wrong way of expressing ourselves. The content and structure of the session develop in dialogue between the participant(s) and the therapist. All that happens between them is confidential.

No previous experience of movement or body work is necessary.

Sessions take place on a one-to-one basis or in a group context – the work is short-term or long term. These details are discussed during the first meeting and reviewed when necessary.

How much will it cost?

Sessions are charged £70 and a concession rate may be available depending on your circumstances. Please do not hesitate to ask.


Sessions are provided from Amethyst, a holistic alternative therapy centre in Seldson (South Croydon), within a 15-20mins bus ride from East and West Croydon train stations. Amethyst is also situated close to beautiful woodlands including Selsdon Nature Reserve.

For further information please contact Céline