NEW! Group dance movement psychotherapy sessions

A space to be. A space to move. A space to feel.
Some time to talk, listen and explore.
A chance to pause, be still and be heard.
No right or wrong. No judgment.

This dance movement psychotherapy group is for you if you are looking for a psychotherapy group that welcomes how you feel in your heart and how you feel in your body and if talking alone is not quite doing it for you. Sessions offer some time to pay particular attention to our self as a whole and to feel and make sense of what our body is trying to tell us.

Long lasting healing develops through trust and compassion, and with an understand of how our body and mind work. We need to find ways to change the stories we tell ourselves about who we are as well as reconnect with our joy and with each other. This is not a statement about health that I have just plucked out of a hat, it is in fact what the latest research on trauma tells us. And this takes commitment and practice. Dance Movement Psychotherapy sessions are a safe place to do just this.

Joy and sadness, tension and relief, quiet and loud. Those are some of the contrasts of experiences that we may share during sessions as we grow to meet ourselves and one another in the fulness of what it is to be human and to be alive.

Dates and times: Thursdays | term time | 12.30pm and 2pm

Start date: 23rd January 2020

Location: Small Hall, St John’s Church, Selsdon, South Croydon

Frequency: weekly during term time unless otherwise agreed

Commitment: A minimum of 1 term commitment is required. The process is open ended: you are welcome to stay for as many terms as you would like

Group size: 4 minimum and 6 maximum

Cost: £35 per session

More information: If you are interested or would like to refer someone, please contact me so that we organise an initial, mutual 1-1 assessment session