Monthly Drop in Clinical supervision with a movement-based and creative focus

A restorative & structured reflective space

Take the time to reflect creatively and tune in to the body to find solutions to complex professional questions. There will be opportunities to replenish, release tensions and benefit from the wisdom of the group.

If you understand or are curious to experience the value of thinking both with your mind and with your whole creative self about your clinical practice, this group is for you.

There will time to move and time to talk, time to reflect and time to step into action through the use of a great variety of creative media. The process will be clearly guided.

This work is inspired by key practitioners in the fields of mindfulness and movement practices (Reeve, amongst many), creative group work (Moreno), creative supervision (Chesner and Zografou) and Eco supervision (O’Driscoll).

These sessions are confidential and open to Psychotherapists, Health Professionals, Spiritual Practitioners, Leaders, Educators and other Professionals interested in working with movement and creativity to investigate challenges and themes of particular interest in their work. Participants will have a minimum of 3 years practice experience.

Frequency: Monthly between October 2019 and August 2020

Dates: 11 October, 8 November, 13 December 2019 and 10 January, 7 February, 13 March, 3 April, 8 May, 12 June and 10 July 2020

Time: Fridays 2-5pm

Fee: £60 per sessions or £560 for 10 sessions if booked and paid in advance in one (by 11th September) or two instalments (11th October and 7th February).

If you are interested and not sure whether this is the right group for you, please contact me to discuss.