Making way to solutions unavailable through thought alone.

Do you need to get practical advice, to find a creative and realistic solution to a question relating to work, to recharge your batteries, or to refresh your outlook on your practice? Supervision is the place where you have a chance to take a step back so that you can find solutions to complex problems and challenging situations.

Céline offers supervision and reflective practice opportunities to qualified counsellors, psychotherapists, arts therapists, nursing, management staff, artists and educators as well as to spiritual practitioners and staff from voluntary organisations and community interest companies.

Sessions follow a Creative and Embodied Supervision model embedded in psychodynamic principles.

A Creative approach considers action methods and the creative arts as key to the reflective process, as these means of expression and reflection encourage us to use a different part of our brain, step away from our usual and familiar way of thinking so as to make way to solutions unavailable through thought alone.

Embodied supervision invites mindful attention to the body and movement which often offers surprisingly simple and powerful means to engage with a supervisory theme or questions. 

This work is inspired by key practitioners in the fields of mindfulness and movement practices (Reeve, amongst many), creative group work (Moreno), creative supervision (Chesner and Zografou) and Eco supervision (O’Driscoll).


A dedicated reliable safe space to reflect on your professional practice on a one-to-one basis.

Students & newly qualified£65


Once a term

NEW 2021-22 dates

An opportunity to replenish, release tensions and benefit from the wisdom of the group with time to move and time to talk, time to reflect and time to step into action through the use of a great variety of creative media.

Session will take place in a studio and outdoors.

The process is clearly guided.

One Friday per term. sessions starting Spring 2021.

First cycle dates: 26 Mar, 25 June, 29 Oct and 28 Jan 2022 – Maximum 12 participants

Times: 10am-3pm

Participants are expected to have a minimum of 3 years practice experience.

Online monthly Group NEW 2021 dates

broaden your professional horizons … reflect creatively

… and benefit from the wisdom of the group

Join this small international supervision group to reflect on your clinical practice through action methods, embodied processes, creative techniques and of course verbally.

15 Jan, 26 Feb, 12 Mar, 23 Apr, 14 May, 11 Jun & 16 Jul 2021

1.30-3.30pm UK TIME

£45 per session

Monthly zoom sessions facilitated in English. Max. 6 participants.

Session cost£75
Online session cost£45


Céline offers tailor made consultation for individuals, groups, teams and organisations. Make an enquiry below.

There is much to commend about Celine’s skills as my practice supervisor however if I had to distill it down to what I value most it is her ability to be gentle and considerate of the competing demands of my work life. Regardless of how unfocused or unprepared I am Celine ensures she meets me with congruence and helps keep the focus which ensures every session has enormous value for me. Supervision with Celine never feels as if it is “another thing to be done” it feels like a valuable support that I fully trust will deepen and expand my Knowledge and work whilst ensuring I’m safe in my practice.

— Julie Joseph, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Common Thread CEO

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