Pause. Danse. Nature

Somatic Awareness and Improvised Movement Retreat.

June 2023

South Croydon, UK

more details soon

Dare to let your spontaneity move you and lead the way

Following our body, felt-sense and imagination, Pause Danse. Nature. is an invitation to tune in to our senses, listen to our body, take the time, turn our attention inwards, outward and inwards again and dare let our spontaneity move us and lead the way

Pause. Danse. Nature is an opportunity to expand our ability to listen and respond, to be with ourselves and with nature, to touch and be touched, to see and be seen. It is a time-space during which we will engage our senses, imagination, thoughts, feelings and movement; connecting without judgement, with our different selves. The work will be guided, with some time in a studio and some time outdoors so as to enrich our inquiry.

‘How am I in my body? What is stillness? What is movement? What is my dance today? right now? What moves me to move?’ are some of the questions that we will ask ourselves during this 3-day intensive.

Day 1: arriving – to the studio, to the group, and to self.

Day 2: opening up the creative space, with an invitation to focus on a theme of your choice; that evening there will be a jam with live music, for those who want to step into a more open ended creative space.

Day 3: early morning movement meditation in nature and the opportunity to later share individualised or small group movement pieces to crystallise each person’s experience.

Pause. Danse. Nature is an opportunity to explore one’s own way of being and moving and to develop one’s movement practice. It is inspired by years of release-based dance practice Body Mind Centering® and sensorimotor approaches as well as Contact Improvisation and Move into Life.

Where? Studio @39, Chapel View, South Croydon CR2 7LG

More information:

How much? £320 (£295 early bird – booked & paid a month in advance)

When? June 2023. Specific dates to be confirmed soon

Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10.30am-5pm + improvisation jam 7-9pm, Sunday 7-8.30am: morning movement meditation session in nature + 10am to 3pm.

Time indoors and outdoors as well as breaks during the day will be negotiated with the group.

Accommodation: contact Céline for a list of local options.

This workshop is open to all.

Thank you so much for a powerful, effective, interesting and beautiful dance movement workshop! For two days, I worked with my feelings and movements: all this opened new sides of my womanhood! I surprised myself. Thank you! Please keep spreading your lifework! Your sensitivity, your holding the space, combined with Josselin’s musical presence made for a flowing experience. I so look forward to taking part again soon.

Olga Staritsyna

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