Making sense of tension, creatively

In-tension … is more than a play on words. It is a theme close to my heart and the title of a workshop during which I offer to hold a space for a movement based, creative inquiry into our experience of tension and intentionality at a personal and relational level.


What is it to be in tension for me? for us?

next date and venue to be confirmed

During this workshop participants will get the opportunity to listen, tune in to their senses, feelings, and physical expression. It is a place to bring your professional and personal curiosity.

We will pay mindful attention to our internal experiences of tension and release, and to the journey between the two.

During this workshop, the body, dance, movement and pauses will play a key role in the creative exploration, as well as the use of space and interactions with our environment. There will be opportunities to be immersed in the inquiry, and opportunities to observe.

The intention is for the workshop to culminate in a short performative sharing within the group.

If you have already attended this workshop, you are welcome to join again as the journey with such an exploration is never finished; each time an opportunity to make new connections – within ourselves and with each other.

Date: Summer 2017 date tbc

Times: 11am to 2pm

Location: tbc

How to apply: Please contact Céline here for a booking form.

a 3h CPD certificate is provided upon request.