present. alive. embodied.

Step into the heart of movement to replenish, heal and transform


A space to be. A space to move. A space to feel. Some time to talk, listen and explore. A chance to pause, be still and be heard. No right or wrong. No judgment.


Get practical advice, find a creative and realistic solution to a question relating to work, recharge your batteries, or refresh your outlook on your practice.


Workshops and training programmes that harness the creative and expressive potential of each participant.

The Truth is in your experience.

B. Bainbridge Cohen

Psychotherapy, supervision and training informed by years of somatic movement practice and a deep understanding of trauma.

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Founded by Céline Butté, Heart of Movement provides personal and professional development opportunities that nurture a deeper understanding of the body, leading to a more fulfilling life.

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South Croydon & Clapham, UK and internationally.

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